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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Condition

Medypharmasist.com along with its staff is not responsible for any product purchased from this site.

Every person must consult their physician prior to taking the new drug. They must also share their entire medical history including information about their family members, previous medications, and any other details that may affect the security of the medication they are taking.

Photos and images of products are only for reference. There are images of packaging or product that are not the same as the ones you’ve seen.

Medypharmasist.com reserves the right to deny custom orders and to cancel them at any time without notification.

The information contained in the product is given as a reference only. Always follow the advice from your physician when using the product.


You’ll be required to provide your personal information each time you place an order on Medypharmasist.com. We employ SSL encryption to safeguard your privacy. SSL encryption technology is used before any personal data is sent on the internet. It makes it virtually impossible for anyone else to gain access to your personal information. We guarantee that your credit card’s number is securely stored on our site. The database isn’t linked to our site, so it’s safe and can’t be accessed through the internet.

Shipping Policy/Orders

Shipping charges are charged for all orders. Shipping costs are dependent on the dimensions and weight of the medication(s). It will take at least 10 business days to deliver your order. Remember the time frame for shipping because of the huge quantity of medications we have to ship and package. You should place your order in advance so you don’t get depleted before you get the order.

Customs Delays

Medypharmasist is not responsible for delays caused by goods being delivered to customers. It is not able to control delay caused due to customs delays or delivery services. Your purchase will be shipped to your country.

You agree to wait seven days prior to requesting an exchange of your shipment if it is not received within the specified time.

Drug Policy

Medypharmasist.com does not deliver controlled substances or narcotics such as Benzodiazepines or any other controlled substance to its pharmaceutical customers.

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