Fildena CT 100 Mg


active ingredientSildenafil Citrate
indicationErectile Dysfunction
manufacturerFortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
packaging10 Tablets/Capsules in a Strip
delivery time6 To 15 days
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Fildena CT 100 Mg
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Fildena Ct 100 Mg

Due to the changing lifestyle of men, it is generally found that more than half of the people all over the world suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction. This problem affects not only men but also their self-respect, relationships and confidence. But now there is a solution to this problem: Fildena Ct 100 Mg. The sildenafil citrate present as an active ingredient helps in the improvement of the blood circulation to the penis for maintaining a smooth erection to the penis.

More About Fildena Ct 100 Mg:

The drug Fildena CT 100 mg is like a ray of hope for the millions of people affected by Erectile Dysfunction. The loss of hope, confidence, and self-respect is slowly gained by using this medicine. Even a relationship that was about to break as it was impossible to satisfy both partners’ needs has started a new journey because of this medicine. But it is not possible to get all the solutions in 1 medicine. The medicine is a temporary solution for the problem of ED as the effectiveness ends after 4 to 6 hours, making room for the couples to enjoy their moments of pleasure. The disease that is expected to be transmitted during the process of sex cannot be protected by this medicine.

Reason to Consume Fildena Ct 100 Mg:

One of the important reasons for Fildena ct 100 mg being popular among mens is its fast-producing results against the effect of Erectile Dysfunction. Another major issue, pulmonary arterial hypertension, can be cured to some extent after the use of Fildena ct 100 mg. It has not only helped men to solve the issue of ED but also to come out of its effect. For effective and long-lasting erection, Fildena CT 100 mg is the most popular medicine.

Working of Fildena Ct 100 Mg:

It is important to remember that sexual arousal is necessary for the medication to work effectively. After that, the sildenafil citrate, the main ingredient, starts its work by obstructing the PDE-5 enzymes, whose main function is to break down the cGMP molecules, but when sildenafil citrate hinders the function, then the cGMP is boosted, which in turn releases nitric oxide responsible for relaxation and widening of the blood vessels and muscles of the penis. As a result of which, the arteries expand, which allows the proper blood circulation to the penis.

Ways to Consume Fildena Ct 100 Mg:

As an effective medicine against ED, Fildena medicine needs to be consumed 30 mins to 1 hour before being intimate with your partner. You can consume the medicine on an empty stomach just by swallowing it with water so that the medicine can show its effectiveness faster. Consuming the medicine and meals is also good, but make sure the medicine is light. Because consuming a heavy meal rich in fats and oils does not allow the medicine to show effectiveness and even causes side effects. Alcohol or any other fruit juice consumption is not at all considerable with the medicine as it can cause side effects. Chewing or breaking the medicine will not provide the result you desire. Therefore, you need to consume one pill as a whole in 24 hours to get effective results.

Perfect Dosage of Fildena Ct 100 Mg:

The dosage for each person differs, so you should seek help from a doctor to know the correct dosage, as an excessive dose may cause side effects.

Missed dose: Forgetting the scheduled dose may not cause any consequences, but you need to consume the pill as soon as you remember about the dose. You can even skip the dose if the next dose is about to be taken, or you can consume this missed dose, but then you need to schedule the next dose after 24 hours to avoid side effects. Generally, one pill in 24 hours is enough, but you need to consult a doctor for your dosage as the dose of the medicine varies.

Overdose: Surplus consumption of fildena ct 100 mg may cause side effects that are minor and may go away after some time, but if you face consequences that are continuous and major, then you need to rush to the hospital immediately.

Bad Consequences of Fildena Ct 100 Mg:

  • Coronary infarction
  • Vigilance
  • Hemicrania
  • Vague vision
  • Lax
  • Ruddiness
  • Wooziness
  • Hard of hearing

Precautions of Fildena Ct 100 Mg:

  • The correct dosage should be known to the patient as it may cause side effects; therefore, consult a doctor.
  • Nitrates or nitrogen should be avoided along with fildena ct 100 mg as theredrugs react on mixing with uponldena, such as alpha and nitrates. If you consume this medicine, it will cause a sudden decrease in blood pressure, leading to issues like death.
  • The medicine is not suitable for women and children as it is made as a solution to the problem of impotence faced by men.
  • Your medical history should be made available to the doctor so that he can give medicine according to your current health and medical conditions.
  • If you have performed kidney, liver or heart surgery or are about to have one, inform your doctor.
  • Any concentration work should be avoided as the medicine causes drowsiness after consumption.
  • Alcohol or any other fruit juice should be avoided as much as possible as it may cause side effects.
  • This medicine cannot solve hypertension and blood pressure-related issues.
  • If you have already started consuming other medicines for the problem, avoid Fildena ct 100 mg even if they have the same ingredient.

Storage of The Medicine:

The fildena ct 100 mg must be stored at room temperature away from sunlight and moisture as these two elements may react with the medicine. Bathrooms and wet places are not suitable for the storage of the medicine. Keep the medicine away from children and pets at home as it is unsuitable for them. If you have already finished the course of your medicine and still have medicine left, or the medicine has gone out of date, then throw the medicine in the dustbin, but do not flush the medicine.

Other Substitutes for Fildena Ct 100 Mg:

General Questions:

Q:1 How to consume the medicine?

The medicine must be consumed with water by swallowing it, but do not break it. You can even consume the medicine after a meal. Just make sure that the meal is free from fats and oils so that the medicine can work effectively without any side effects.

Q:2 How long does the effectiveness last?

The effectiveness of the medicine depends upon your body, but generally, it can be said that the medicine lasts for 4 to 6 hours. The doctor will see the effect of the medicine and change the dosage later.

Q:3 Can I consume alcohol along with Fildena CT 100 mg?

A moderate amount of alcohol may not cause any side effects, but if an excessive amount of alcohol is consumed, it may cause side effects. It may not allow the medicine to work effectively.

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  1. Russell Garcia

    Fildena Ct 100 Mg medicine has been an effective choice for me. The higher dosage provides a strong and reliable effect.

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