active ingredientTadalafil
indicationErectile Dysfunction
manufacturerFortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
packaging10 tablets in 1 strip
delivery time6 To 15 days
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Tadalista 10 Mg
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What Is Tadalista?

Tadalista pills are a great invention for treating erectile dysfunction problems. It contains Cialis and Adcirca, which are used to draw sufficient blood from your penis. Many of us are searching for a quick-fix solution for the erectile dysfunction problem. These pills can be sufficient for them. The medicine provides satisfactory results every time you take it.

General Information

This medicine is used when a man wants to treat sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. It is a PDE5 inhibitor.

Generic Name (Composition)

The medicine contains brand-name drugs Cialis and Adcirca. Tadalafil is the main ingredient that helps get a longer erection.

Manufacturer Company

Fortune Healthcare is the manufacturer of These pills. This is a very renowned company, and you can trust their products.

Why Is It Used?

This pill is a pde5 enzyme blocker. By blocking this enzyme, the tablet expands the wall of arteries. Moreover, it provides relaxation in smooth muscles. As a result, a penis can draw a sufficient amount of blood flow to get hard. These pills are also known for increasing the eCGMP hormone.

Tadalista pills assist you in staying hard for a long time by increasing the hormone. Therefore, if someone is ashamed because he lost his erection quickly, the tablet is good for him. The medication also effectively treats pulmonary arterial hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

How Do You Eat?

Take these pills 30 minutes before your scheduled sexual activity. It takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect. If you are old, the pill will start working late.

Many doctors think you should take the medicine 2 hours before your sexual activities. Hence, you can have sex within that period. Taking Tadalista pills is very simple. It would help if you took Tadalista pills with a glass of water. It would help if you did not chew or break the tablet.

How Does It Work?

The tablet works by increasing cGMP hormones and blocking the PDE5 enzyme. To achieve and keep an erection for sexual activity, both actions are helpful. The tablet helps you every time you hold an erection like normal. The tablet also helps you to enjoy sex more than once. But perfectly healthy people shouldn’t take the medication. Otherwise, it can cause severe side defects or dependency.

Tadalista Dosages

Adverse Effects

Users of these pills have experienced a variety of side effects. These are listed below.

  • The most frequent adverse effect of these tablets is headache.
  • Mainly older persons or those with weak hearts with chest pain ranging from mild to severe.
  • You might have nausea or want to throw up.
  • If you have an eye problem, Tadalista pills can cause severe red eye problems.
  • A few percent of users reported muscle pain after taking These pills.
  • There are some cases of stomach upset the next day of taking these pills.
  • People who use these pills without a doctor’s suggestion or overdose report serious problems like a heart attack.
  • The pill can reduce your blood pressure
  • You can have any direction that will not go away with time. This can happen if you take These pills without consulting with a doctor. Please take advice from a doctor in this case immediately.


Tadalista pills interact with oral antifungal drugs, HIV drugs, Antibiotics, alpha-blockers, and blood pressure drugs.

Precautions and Warnings

  • People with weak heart muscles should avoid These pills as much as possible.
  • People with severe kidney or liver problems should avoid medicine.
  • If your blood pressure is low, you should not take Tadalista pills.
  • You should not take These pills if you get a proper erection for a sufficient amount of time. It can cause serious side effects.
  • Never take more than one medication at once. Doubling Tadalista pills will not cause a double effect. Never take more than one medication at once.
  • If you have nausea or vomiting, you should calm yourself.
  • If you have a persistent headache or muscle pain, you should consult with a doctor before taking the pill.
  • Don’t take more than one tablet within a day.
  • You should buy medicine from a reliable source only to avoid overdosing.
  • Do not consume alcohol after or before taking These pills. It can lead to serious side effects.
  • Using Tadalafil can worsen bleeding. It can also worsen ulcers.
  • If you are age 60 years or older, the medicine will work in your body more slowly.

Buy Tadalista Online From Medypharmasist

We can buy These pills in two ways. In many local medical stores, you can find These pills. Secondly, to maintain privacy, you can order These pills from an online store like Medypharmasist. In both cases, you will require a prescription. Order Tadalista pills from Medypharmasist to ensure the utmost reliability, proper packaging, and privacy protection.

General FAQs

Can Anyone Use It?

Any person who is at least 18 years old may use the drug. However, before using the medication, talk to your doctor if you have any underlying illnesses.

Is It Safe to Purchase Tadalista Dosages Online?

Yes. It is safe to purchase This dosage online. If you order from Remedy Pills, we can ensure quality checks and the protection of your privacy.

What Do I Miss a Dose?

There is no need to make a missing dose. Just a half-hour before engaging in sexual activity is all the medication requires.

What Happens If You Overdose Tadalista?

You may have severe side effects if you overdose on Tadalista.

How Long-Lasting Does Tadalista Affect?

The drug may stay on your body for a longer period. It stays in your body for 36 hours. That doesn’t mean the efficacy will be the same for 30+ hours. You should wait for 2 hours and start your sexual activities.

How And Where To Store?

The medication needs to be kept at room temperature. While storage, you should also stay away from wet regions. Make sure there is direct sunshine there while you are storing.


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