Malegra 25 Mg


active ingredientSildenafil Citrate
indicationErectile Dysfunction
manufacturerSunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
packaging10 tablets in 1 strip
delivery time6 To 15 days
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Malegra 25 Mg
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Know About Malegra 25 Mg

Malegra 25 Mg is one of the clinically proven and safest medicines for treating erectile dysfunction among men. This medicine consists of a basic component named sildenafil citrate. This Malegra 25 Mg of the fundamental element is used to produce this drug. Malegra belongs to the category of PDE5 inhibitors.

The reputed Indian drug and pharmaceutical organization Sunrise remedies private limited is associated with the manufacturing of this drug. This company started its business in 1996. The headquarters of this company is in Ahmedabad.

How to Take it?

Patients have to gulp down this tablet along with sufficient water. They do not need to smash, chew this tablet. You can take this oral pill along with low fatty food or on an empty stomach. Patients do not require to devour this tablet daily. Consume it whenever they decide to have sex.

But you have to take this pill 60 minutes before physical intercourse with your beloved partner. You are permitted to take a single pill once a day. While under medication, stay away from taking grapefruit juices, alcohol. Additionally, you have to control the habit of smoking also.

How Does it Work to Treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

PDE5 is liable for not sustaining a hard erection due to the low level of flow of blood in the penis.  When people get sexually excited and NO gas gets released, this medicine stops the function of PDE5.Malegra 25 Mg allows the smooth flow of blood in the genitals area by relaxing muscles and tissues of the penis. PDE5 inhibitor helps to accumulate Cgmp and helps in stiff erection.

In the case of PAH, this medicine loosens the arteries of the lungs and permits the easy flow of blood in the lungs.

Uses and Benefits of Malegra 25

Malegra 25 Mg intends to overcome the erectile dysfunction of men. Those men who face trouble erecting successfully while being intimate with their partner should try this medication. Malegra 25 Mg helps to fight against soft and short erections and extends the period of enjoying sex for the couple. Besides this, this drug aids to cure pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Dosage of Malegra 25 Mg

Malegra 25 Mg is available in several doses like Malegra 50 Mg, Malegra 100 Mg, Malegra 200 Mg. Doctors advise patients to take the right amount of this medication after knowing the health, intensity of the problem. Patients are suggested to consume only a limited amount of this drug. You cannot change the strength of this medicine without talking to a doctor.

Missed Dose

Patients should be mindful about taking this drug. But if somehow you fail to take your assigned dose on time, take it whenever feasible. But make sure that this medicine has been taken 60 minutes before lovemaking.  If the time of taking a new dose is very near, take only a new dose.


If you think that taking more than a prescription can eradicate your impotency quickly, you are not wrong. If you face serious allergic reactions, hives, infertility for taking an overdose, medical attention is required immediately.

Additional Information

Malegra 25 Mg helps to treat sensual disorders at a low cost. But patients have to tell their past health history like diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, kidney disease to the doctor.  Without the doctor’s permission, patients cannot stop taking medicine abruptly and they have to finish the course following the doctor’s instruction.

Children below 18 years, pets, and females have to stay away from taking this drug. Do not suggest others take this medication without having a prescription even if they have the same problem.

Storing this drug 15 degree c-25 degree c temperature is required. Conserving this medicine away from moisture, sunlight, and heat is needed. Never store it in the refrigerator or bathroom.



  • Nosebleeds
  • Flushing
  • Diarrhoea
  • Burning
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sleepiness


  • Blurred vision
  • Priapism
  • Painful urinary tracts
  • Painful and prolonged erection ‘
  • Dark and cloudy urine
  • Heartburn
  • Chest pain

Warning and Precaution

  • Those patients who consume warfarin as blood-thinning drugs, need to avoid taking this medication.
  • Those patients who are taking cimetidine for ulcers, require to avert taking this drug.
  • If after taking this drug, patients feel a painful and extended erection for more than 4-5 hours, they need to go to the doctor immediately. Otherwise, the tissue of the penis gets affected severely and patients become infertile permanently.
  • Those patients who are under medication of phenytoin for epilepsy, should not consume this pill.
  • If patients are advised to carbamazepine to control and prevent nerve pain, seizures, should not take this drug.
  • If patients are suggested to take isoniazid for tuberculosis, they should not try to take this drug.
  • Those who are directed to take beta-blockers like atenolol and mesylate for chest pain, have to avoid taking this drug.
  • Those patients who are taking amlodipine for hypertension, must not try taking this drug. Otherwise, they face the hypotensive effect of these two medicines.
  • This medicine cannot ensure about the female for not getting pregnant and it cannot restrict couples from spreading sexually transmitted diseases. For this while deciding to have sex with your partner, taking all necessary preventive measures is required to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  • After taking this medicine, patients experience buzzing on the ears or tinnitus for increasing the pressure in the hearing organ. As a result, patients may lose their hearing capability permanently. For this, they have to stop taking this drug until the doctor’s further instruction.
  • Those patients who have genetic retina disorder retinitis pigmentosa, should not take this medication. After taking this medicine, their eyes get sensitive to sunlight and they cannot understand the difference between blue and green color.


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